Places to Source for Wholesale Hair

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Buying wholesale hair is one of the best things to help save you money on hair wigs, whether you’re buying in bulk for sales or personal use. When you buy the hair wholesale, you’re probably buying directly from the manufacturer, therefore what you have is perhaps the cost price of the wig, now saving a lot of money. More so, you’ll be getting the freshest of wigs, not the one that has been tried out by different potential customers or that has stayed long in a store.

If you consider how much a wholesale hair seller makes on its product, you may want to consider this line of business. However, it’s not an easy business as with many other businesses.  There are many things you should do before you start selling wholesale hair. One of the many things to do is understand and identify the real source of the hair.

Natural human and synthetic hair don’t just spring out of nowhere. There’s always a place where the hair came from if it was human hair, or the manufacturer if the hair came from synthetic products. Hairs can also be made as either a machine or with human hands, a piece of information you can get from the source. There are many other advantages of knowing the source of the hair, and the most important is getting the hair at the lowest price possible. Let’s take a look at the different hair sources;

China hair industry

The Chinese hair industry will continue to amaze you when you check deeper. The interesting fact is they actually don’t produce most of the hairs in their country; yet, they’re one of the fastest-growing hair industries globally. Given the large population of the Chinese, it is okay to assume that they get loads of hair from their citizens. But truthfully, most Chinese women wouldn’t trade their hair for money, except the poor people. Usually, the Chinese hair industry imports from neighboring countries like India to provide hair for them. The prices of this hair are cheap, but the quality isn’t always top-notch.

Indian Hair industry

India is another country on the Asian continent that produces cheap hair, but this time, the quality is excellent because it’s natural human hair. They make this hair after collecting it from Indians and export it to neighboring countries. India is a religious nation, and some religions require their women to cut off their hair to pledge allegiance to God. The hair extensions are obtained for low prices and sold with little or no post-production.

 Malaysian Hair industry; Brazilian Hair industry

Brazilian hair industries, and the South American hair industry at large, is one whose hair comes at a high price. Surprisingly, the sources of this hair are either from China or India, which are relatively cheap. After importing it cheaply, they use substances to beautify the hair and improve it.


There are many other hair industries like the Russian and European hair industry, the Cambodian industry, and many other industries where you can get good quality hair at the lowest price possible. We have discussed some of these industries above.


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